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What are WaterWise™ Cleaners?

ESS pH Neutral products care the latest in free rinsing and low foaming technologies.


A priority on industrial applications where low foaming, free-rinsing, requiring less process rinse water without leaving residue on parts, is critical. ESS now has unleashed this technology to the consumer arena offering floor, dish and kitchen care products that are pH Neutral and low foaming.


What does this mean to the consumer? It gives consumers the same industrial strength proven cleaning technologies for home use that require dramatically less water, soap and energy.


As a equal if not extraordinary benefit, these cleaners use pH Neutral chemistries to be non hazardous and non abrasive to even the most sensitive flooring, counter tops, cookware, dish ware, fine china and cutlery available.

"A major, US-based appliance manufacturer tested NEU WaterWise™ cleaners and concluded that NEU cleaned more effectively than the leading automatic powder and liquid dishwashing detergents."

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ESS products serve to conserve and preserve our most valuable resource... water. ESS products preserve water by being, low foaming pH Neutral, naturally formulated and biodegradable.

ESS products are neutral pH, organic, biodegradeable, and low foaming. All ingredients are recognized as safe, non-hazardous and non-corrosive. Naturally formulated to minimize user’s health exposure, reduce water consumption and minimize the overall impact on the environment.

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