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Waste Reduction at the source

Why we are committed to sharing...

Utilization of safe cleaners for is critical for reducing hazardous waste and and reducing reducing health problems.

ESS created this website to share our success and fight for a better environment and sustainable future.

The real foundation to ESS’s success continues to be reduction at the source that offers “across the board benefits”.

ESS is reducing waste, environmental impact, emissions and employee exposure on a global scale. When we discuss our environmental options with companies, many of them are unaware that there are safer alternatives to utilize that out perform there current methods.

The reality is that if you remove a hazardous material, you remove the source of emissions, waste, exposure, and potential chemical reaction, proving that waste reduction at the source has the most significant benefit to all.


In just 5 years ESS customers have benefited in:

1. The elimination or reduction of process waste

2. Total hazardous waste reduction of over 83,000,000 lbs

3. The elimination or reduction of process VOCs and regulated emissions

4. “Across the board benefits” by applying these eliminations to include emission, environmental and employee exposure considerations

5. Replacement of solvent and alkaline products

6. Elimination of the petroleum-based lubricant during washing

7. Elimination or reduction of wastewater treatment and monitoring

8. Achievement of better cleaning than current hazardous technologies

9. Reduction of defect rates and rework reduced by use of innovated cleaners

10. Replacement of multi-stages hazardous washing with single stage neutral cleaning technologies

11. History of waste disposal costs reductions

12. Incoming wastewater oil levels reduction to under 200 ppm with carbon dioxide and water being the only byproducts

13. Elimination the staining problem and achieved better cleaning

14. Reduction of cleaning time with significant floorspace made available

15. Reverse osmosis combination, recovering the soap for reuse and close-looping the RO rinse system

16. Reduction of annual energy costs by thousands of dollars by lowering cleaning temperature


Leading by example

ESS won the 2006 Wisconsin Governor’s Excellence in Environmental Performance Award. This prestigious award is given to companies whose products and efforts excel in protecting the environment and reducing hazardous waste. Other winners of this award include GE Medical Systems, S.C. Johnson, Rockwell Automation, General Motors Truck, Target Corporation, Green Bay Packaging, and Placon Corporation.


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