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What does Low Foaming mean?

Why is it important to foam and rinse less?



Foam is often associated with the effectiveness of a given cleaner. This is a perpetual consumer misconception. There is absolutely no link between the amount of foam a product generates and how well it cleans. It is an known fact that the higher a product foams, the more water is needed to remove all soap residues. Large volumes of water can be wasted rinsing the foam off of dishes. Water is a  most precious resource. It seems quite wasteful to use large amounts of water to rinse foam off of dishes, especially in arid areas where fresh water is in short supply . High foam will not get the dishes any cleaner and will waste tremendous amounts of water. Only low foam products are truly “environmentally friendly”.


Every year millions of gallons of “clean” water are used to rinse off extra chemical foaming agents to be then “dumped” down the drain. Less foaming products lower rinse time and water usage significantly saving water and heat loss. Why waste water rinsing off a lot of useless foam? Conserving water is key to the environment and the low foaming soap helps you do that.


What makes a “spot free” surface?

Because synthetic cleaners do not rinse easily, there is soap residue left behind after cleaning that will not rinse off easily. Because the soap residue will break the water's surface tension, the water will lay down on flat surfaces and require more rinsing or a rinse aid.


ESS cleaners effectively break water surface tension ensuring that water sheets rather than beads leaving spot-free surfaces.  Requiring less rinsing.  ESS pH Neutral cleaners, clean via a mechanism of emulsification, that is, they surround the dirt molecules with a soap cage called a micelle. This micelle is formed by agitation and impingement of the dirty surface. The micelle prevents the dirt from re-attaching to the surface. Therefore, once the surface is cleaned the soap will rinse off completely. Leaving a spot free surface.


ESS products serve to conserve and preserve our most valuable resource... water. ESS products preserve water by being, low foaming pH Neutral, naturally formulated and biodegradable.

ESS products are naturally formulated to minimize user’s health exposure, reduce water consumption and minimize the overall impact on the environment. For more information:

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