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What is Harmful in Your Home?

Products that may be harmful in your environment

You can not assume the conventional  household products you buy at the local department store is a healthy and environmentally responsible  product because of its availability. Product label information addresses acute (immediate) effects only and no warnings or discussion of long term health impacts of the products, such as cancer, is required.   These common household products are also not required to disclose "inert" ingredients which can very  hazardous and toxic.


When considering the purchase of household products, select products that have less toxic,  renewable and natural ingredients and are packaged responsibly. The purchase of these products supports companies that help minimize the impact of using these products on your health and the environment.


Household products include cleaners, fresheners, laundry products, drain cleaners, dishwashing detergents, carpet shampoos, polishes and pesticides.  Exposure to toxic household hazardous chemicals from ingestion, inhalation or skin contact can produce acute (immediate) or chronic (long term) health effects such as:

 - Headaches

 - Fatigue

 - Allergic Reactions

 - Chemical Sensitivity

 - Cardiac Damage

 - Nervous System Damage

 - Burning Eyes

 - Skin Rashes

 - Runny Nose

 - Cancer

 - Respiratory Tract Irritant

 - Liver and Kidney Damage

    Source: http://www.healthgoods.com


Thanks again for your continued support in helping the environment "one solution at a time".


Resources on disposal of hazardous and toxic products:

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Facilities

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Services In Your Area


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