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Green Tier Guide -  How to utilize green products

Commitment to Information Sharing (sharing is caring)

ESS believes it is vital to our future to share environmentally sustainable techniques. ESS utilizes various product stewardship programs to ensure we are handling hazardous materials with the respect they deserve. ESS is ISO managed company that utilizes Best Management Practices (BMP) to ensure the quality and integrity of our products. Additionally, ESS provides Environmental, Health and Safety information on this website to help. Our success is a collaboration of staff resources and solutions that assists our customers in obtaining compliance, waste reduction, employee protection and cost savings.

ESS has always openly shared practices and products that would benefit the environment and the safety of others.


Reduction at the source:

The reality is that if you remove a hazardous regulated material, you remove the source of emissions, waste, exposure, and potential chemical reaction.

In many cases this can:

 - Turn companies into small quantity or "no quantity generators";

 - Reduce or eliminate emissions;

 - Reduce or eliminate harmful employee exposure;

 - Reduce or eliminate regulatory permitting;

 - Reduce or eliminate regulatory reporting;

 - Reduce staff and corporate dependences on managing the above duties.


ESS is reducing waste, environmental impact, emissions and employee exposure on a global scale. When we discuss our environmental options with companies, many of them are unaware that there are safer alternatives to utilize that out perform there current methods.

In an effort to increase the environmental, health and safety benefits this technology, ESS has recently expanded our market to included all sectors of manufacturing including consumers.


Sustainable Purchasing

ESS believes the usage of environmentally sustainable products at facilities and homes around the world would reducing trillions of pounds of hazardous waste and emissions that currently impact employees and the environment.


Click your Region to Find a P2 in your state: *


Green Purchasing Program Web sites

EPA Environmental Preferable Purchasing Promising Practices

Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines

King County Environmental Purchasing Program

Northwest Product Stewardship Council


Visit: Sustainable Communities Network Home Page -- Welcome!


Energy Star

EPA's Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG)

Affirmative Procurement Program

Department of Energy's Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)

Office of the Federal Environmental Executive

Resource Conservation Alliance

Other Helpful Links

Earthome www.earthome.org

U.S. Green Building Council www.usgbc.org/

The Natural Step www.naturalstep.org

Second Nature: Education for Sustainability www.secondnature.org

Green Seal www.greenseal.org/

The Forest Stewardship Council www.fscoax.org

The Urban Land Institute

Wisconsin's Green tier program WDNR - Green Tier

How to Buy Green Cars

New York goes Green

PPRC Solutions for Environmental and Economic Vitality


*Pollution Prevention Map and Information Provided by: http://www.p2rx.org
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