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What is Corrosive & Caustic ?

"Basic" problems with corrosive chemicals...

Corrosive: A chemical, (solid, liquid or gas), that can cause destructive damage to body tissues at the site of contact. It can cause severe burns to the skin and can "eat through" clothing, metal and other materials.

Corrosion is the destructive reaction of a metal with another material, e.g. oxygen, or in an extreme pH environment (either acidic or basic). (http://en.wikipedia.org)


Caustics and corrosive are pH defined based on their alkalinity.

Alkalis have a pH greater than 7 and hence can be detected with litmus paper (litmus will turn blue on contact with an alkali).


Common properties of alkalis include:

 - Caustic (causing chemical burns).

 - Slippery or soapy to the touch (due to the caustic reaction dissolving the surface of the skin and fingerprint).


Common cleaners have history of including inorganic ingredients like bleach, sodium hydroxide, “metasilicates” and “caustics” that are contained in many cleaners. There “corrosive” pH can easily cause etching, dulling, discoloring and crazing of glassware and other dishware items. On metals like copper, aluminum and stainless these cleaners can etch the metals and leave mineral deposits that turn to rust or lead to corrosion.

When they are released into natural water ways, they can be toxic for animals and aquatic life.

All ESS cleaners have a pH that is neutral, which means that the pH is balanced and is not alkaline or acid. ESS neutral products give a safer and more environmental cleaning option that could still achieve even the tightest cleanliness specification. In the last five years, ESS neutral cleaners have eliminated over 85 million pounds of hazardous materials from the environment. ESS won the Wisconsin Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention in 2006.


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