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What does "Bio degradable" mean?

Why is it important to use a environmentally friendly product.


Definition of Biodegradable

...material are any organic material that can be broken down by microorganisms into simpler, more stable compounds. Most organic waste such as foods, paper, etc are biodegradable.

Source edugreen.teri.res.in/explore/glossary.htm


Of all the environmental buzzwords, "biodegradable" has perhaps been the most misused and is perhaps the most difficult to understand. Because in the past there have been no guidelines or regulations, many products have called themselves biodegradable without any real justification. Unfortunately, the word biodegradable has frequently been applied to products that generally aren't (such as detergents or plastics) and almost never used for products that really are (such as soap or paper). Source: worldwise.com/.


Biodegradable products decompose in the environment quickly without polluting. In other words they're “environmentally friendly”. ESS products are biodegradable because of their natural formula content. They make food for many of natures bacteria. Synthetic cleaners are made from products and are not easily disposed so considered harmful to the environment.


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