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Use caution with antibacterial cleaners

The germ war has just begun..

While antibacterial cleaners popularity is increasing, most antibacterial soaps and cleaners may actually contribute to the development of new strains of bacteria that are more resistant to antibacterial agents. Antibacterial cleaners upset microbial balance by creating super resistant strains and killing bacteria that is beneficial to humans. (Source’s: World Health Organization & American Medical Association)

Most people are not aware that in order to kill germs, an antibacterial formula must be left saturating a surface for as long as ten minutes. In practice, most antibacterial products are not used in such a way as to achieve their claimed goal and prove in tests to be no more effective that water & wiping.

More problems with Antibacterials

In the ongoing battle against menacing microbes, some scientists are raising a new concern: The widespread use of antimicrobial soaps may cause problems worse than the ones they aim to cure. A report  from Tufts University School of Medicine says a substance used in these soaps, and in plastic toys and other "antibacterial" products, behaves a lot like an antibiotic -- and could possibly encourage bacteria to mutate in ways that make them impervious to antibacterials, including antibiotics. Source: USA Today


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