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    - We are cleaning the world “One Solution at a Time”.

The ESS story really began eleven years ago with the birth of a company called Environmentally Sensitive Solutions, Inc. (ESS) back in 1993. ESS was started to fill a niche in the industrial manufacturing market. Industrial metal manufacturers typically use rather harsh cleaning chemicals when removing process lubricants from metal during the manufacturing process. These cleaning chemicals typically include environmentally damaging solvents and corrosive caustic cleaners. These harsh cleaners burned workers and were not safe for the environment. ESS offered organic, environmentally sound products that would replace these harsh solvents and caustics.


The Story of our consumer line:

Building on this success in the manufacturing market, ESS found the same types of harmful and hazardous cleaners being used in the home. Everyday cleaners contained the same corrosive chemicals that ESS replaced in the manufacturing arena. It was a natural progression for ESS to bring the same types of non-hazardous and environmentally safe products to the consumer market. Since ESS had vast experience cleaning cookware during the manufacturing process, dishwashing was a good place to start. Thus neu product line was born.


In 2006, ESS won the 2006 Wisconsin Governor’s Excellence in Environmental Performance Award. This prestigious award is given to companies whose products and efforts excel in protecting the environment and reducing hazardous waste. Other winners of this award include GE Medical Systems, S.C. Johnson, Rockwell Automation, General Motors Truck, Target Corporation, Green Bay Packaging, and Placon Corporation.


Established in 1993, ESS has produced market leading neutral degreasers that replace hazardous cleaners in industrial cleaning applications. Unlike the hazardous cleaners they replace, ESS neutral products have a number of worker safety and environmental advantages. In the last five years, ESS neutral products have eliminated 80 million pounds of hazardous materials from the environment.


The ESS mission is to improve the quality of life through the most innovative, safety conscious and environmentally safe products worldwide. All ESS products are manufactured here in the USA at our Wisconsin based facility.

ESS is committed to manufacturing products that lower usage costs and save the environment. We believe in doing things the right way, and we strive for the best and most equitable solution to problems. We treat our customers, vendors and fellow employees as we would want to be treated.

ESS is a quality and technology driven company that utilizes Best Management Practices to ensure the quality and integrity of ESS products. Additionally, ESS provides Environmental, Health and Safety information as a service to our customers.

Our success is a collaboration of highly skilled staff and innovative solutions that assists our customers in obtaining compliance, waste reduction, employee protection and cost savings.

ESS has always openly promoted practices and products that would benefit the environment and the safety of others.


Commitment to Quality: (Click here to visit ESS main page)

ESS is dedicated to quality; quality of product, quality of service, quality of life, quality of relationships, and quality of promises. In short, we are dedicated to doing an outstanding job, always. Our mission is to improve the quality of life through the most innovative, safety conscious, and environmentally sensitive products worldwide.


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If you have an interest in any of our safe cleaning solutions for industrial or consumer use, please visit our other websites: www.neutralcleaner.com & www.neuhomecare.com


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