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Welcome! Fellow Environmental Advocate

Thank you for your concern for the environment. In addition to the many ways you live your life in an environmentally conscientious way, the cleaners you use can also have a huge impact. Many current household and industrial cleaners are corrosive and hazardous, and people do not realize it.

Many cleaners are organic and biodegradable, but they use a large amount of water to rinse off soap residue. For instance, many brands of eco-dishwashing liquid use up to fifty times as much water to rinse off soap residues. How "environmentally friendly" can a cleaner be if it wastes so much of our most precious resource even if it is derived from earth friendly ingredients?

This website was generated to help educate consumers, students, industry and people in there everyday life about water conservation and environmentally safe cleaners. We hope you find the information on this site useful and enlightening. Please share it with other people who support our concerns for water conservation  and waste prevention.


Thanks again for your continued support in helping save the environment "one solution at a time".


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